Stella Maris Retreat Center is the home of WATERSPIRIT. 


Stella Maris Retreat Center is located on the beautiful Atlantic Ocean in Elberon, New Jersey.  Rooted in the spirit of peace through justice, the mission of the Center is to provide opportunities for an experience of the Holy through a deepened realization of the Biblical concept of justice as right relationship with God, with oneself, with other people and with all creation.

In the spirit of hospitality, Stella Maris is committed to serving communities in our local area and beyond. In particular, there is special concern for women and all those who feel marginalized from church or society.
Throughout the year, the Center hosts and sponsors programs for groups and individual persons of all faiths and cultures who seek holistic renewal in their daily lives.
Stella Maris Retreat Center is dedicated to promoting an understanding and an appreciation of the interrelatedness of all creation. 
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