WATERSPIRIT collaborates and partners with other organizations and people who share in our concern for water.    For example:

A coalition with whom we partner is Religious on Water (ROW). ROW is a group of congregations of Roman Catholic women religious concerned about environmental issues related to oceans, coastlines, rivers, lakes, watersheds, and all other water issues.  ROW is currently working on educating people about the adverse impact of the hydraulic fracking method of extracting natural gas. ROW members and WATERSPIRIT members are concerned about the devastating affect this is having on the environment; in particular, the water and on the health of people and animals. We see this as a moral issue and a practice that needs to be stopped for the well-being of all life on Mother Earth.

We are also one of the coalition members of Clean Ocean Action (COA) and support them in some of their campaigns. Some issues that WATERSPIRIT members have engaged in are The Clean Ocean Zone Legislation that COA helped to draft. This bill would protect the ocean in the area of the New York, New Jersey bight that extends from Montauk to Cape May.   We also partnered with COA to stop the proposals for Liquid Natural Gas Projects off the coast of New Jersey.  We worked on the committee planning for action to stop these projects and participated in several actions to draw attention to this issue that would adversely affect the ocean.

Food & Water Watch
WATERSPIRIT recently partnered with Food & Water Watch to provide education on the issue of fracking by showing the movie Gasland with discussion on the issue after the film.

Should your organization be interested in partnering with WATERSPIRIT, please contact us.  Through partnerships we learn, share, and advocate for the protection and preservation of water